Ride for Unseen Heroes

  • Date: 15th Aug 2015
  • Distance Covered: 69 kms solo cycle ride on the occasion of 69th Independence Day
  • Location: Hyderabad, India

Yes, it’s was an exactly 69 kms solo cycle ride with the goal to make the people aware of the sacrifices made by the Indian army.

Before embarking on this journey many question rose inside my mind like – hey, they are protecting us, they fight for us and they even sacrifice their life for the nation. They are protecting our borders and they are perfect at their job. But what about us?

Are we doing anything for the better India? Instead, we break the rules, we blame the system and we give lame excuses for every wrong doing.

I went to every military base camp, met soldiers and thanked them for their services. They felt very happy that a common man is showing respect. They gave me big glass of Chai to refresh and continue my ride. People on road are also felt proud to see moving tricolour on cycle.

Many people appreciated my effort, few people offered Tea, snacks, water and free service to my cycle.


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