A Ride for Hyderabad Traffic Police

  • Date: 2nd & 3rd October 2015
  • Distance Covered: 146 kms solo cycle ride on the occasion of 146th Gandhi Jayanthi
  • Location: Hyderabad, India

It was really awesome experience to ride for the Hyderabad Traffic Police. Got great chance to interact with people – pedestrians to Additional Commissioner of Police (ACP Traffic) and with many traffic cops. It is really heartful to see smiling faces when your hard work being acknowledged by a common man.


Till now we have heard about traffic jams and people sufferings in the traffic. Of course roads are not good, somewhere they are tiny, dirty and bumpy. There is no place for parking and less foot over bridges, neither good public transportation system.

Let’s understand Traffic police side of story

  • People never use zebra crossings and foot over bridges. They disturb 100s of vehicles and cross the roads without giving a single thought about traffic jams
  • Half of the people are not aware of even basic traffic rules and they will offer money to cover their mistakes
  • Well educated people, who always discuss about the growth of this country, are the first to break the rules
  • The main reason for traffic jams is because of not following of the traffic rules by 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers
  • People always choose the easy way to reach their destination leaving theirs and others safety to fate
  • We stand in the hot sun most of the day, trying to manage the traffic. When our backs are turned, citizens try to violate rules and when we catch them, they complain. The truth is, if people followed rules, there would be no need for a traffic police at every junction – by a traffic police officer

So friends, “if u wish to see Hyderabad as a global city first you should be a ready to become a global citizen”

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