Hi! I am B. Ravikiran and currently working as a software engineer at Mindtree Limited, Hyderabad.

From past few years, I was seriously thinking about contributing my bit for better India and I came across several ideas. After several discussions with my friends, colleagues and seniors, they advised me to help the poor by giving away money, food etc. But I thought it wouldn’t serve the problem permanently. I always thought I should do something which motivates others to do their bit for the nation. I always believe that when every citizen of India feels responsible for this country and start doing their bit to solve the common problems without depending on the government, India will definitely shine and see the positive change. That’s how “Ride For Better India” concepts emerged.


A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.

Travelling and riding cycle are my interest. I started a Facebook community called “Ride For Better India” and want to make people aware of several social issues. Right now 1700+ people are actively following and contributing their bit for better society.

So far I have done three rides.

  • Ride For Unseen Heroes – to thank Indian Army for their selfless service & efforts
  • Ride For Hyderabad Traffic Police – thanking Hyderabad traffic cops
  • Ride For Farmers Support – for creating awareness on Natural / Modern / Zero budget farming techniques

People and authorities response was overwhelming. I felt if more volunteers were involved, I could have reached more people and created far better awareness among them.

I put my efforts completely as a beginner and I need your support in making these rides more successful and useful to the people of our great nation.

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